Graduates toss their caps in the air in celebration.

The university confers degrees three times during the academic year: at the end of the fall semester, at the end of the spring semester and at the end of the summer semester. Formal commencement ceremonies are held in May and December. Students earning degrees in summer or fall semesters will belong to the class of the spring commencement next succeeding.

Graduation Requirements


It is expected that a student will need no more than five years to complete the MLAS degree. Permission of the Graduate Council is necessary in order to remain a candidate for the degree beyond this time limit. Students must complete at least one MLAS course per year and maintain regular contact with their assigned graduate advisors in order to remain candidates for the degree.

See the Forms page to download the MLAS Graduation Check Sheet.

More information on MLAS degree requirements can be found on the MLAS Courses & Requirements page.

Apply to Graduate

You must apply to gra​duate by the appropriate deadline!  Applications submitted after the deadline will require a $100 late application fee.

May graduation – Apply by Dec. 1 of the preceding year
Summer graduation – Apply by June 1
December graduation – Apply by Sept. 1

Submitting the application well in advance of the deadline allows time for notification of outstanding requirements, giving you the opportunity to correct a problem that may prevent you from graduating as planned.

Apply online through OnePort: Student Tab - Student Records - Apply to Graduate.

Commencement Ceremony

Visit the Commencement webpage for details on the upcoming ceremony.