Student Services

The key services listed below are available to all UNC Asheville students. You can also find information about the Career Center, student health services, recreation, Information Technology Services, cultural events and other services on UNC Asheville's website


Moodle is an online service that links you to your class. It offers ways to get in touch with fellow class mates as well as a calendar of events, a discussion board, a real time chat option, as well as a fast link to resources. To log in, use the same username and password you are using for OnePort. To access Moodle, click on the white Moodle link in the top right corner of any UNC Asheville webpage.

Ramsey Library

Check the Library's calendar for daily hours of operation.

University Writing Center

Supporting the development of students as writers, the University Writing Center promotes academic practices based on open inquiry and critical thinking while committed to truth seeking through multiple perspectives. The UWC models a diverse community and works with both students and faculty to provide a challenging education in the liberal arts. The UWC pursues opportunities to network with others in order to integrate writing with learning throughout a student's life at UNC Asheville and beyond. Many MLAS students have found the UWC to be a great resource! Find more information on the UWC website.

Math Tutoring

Extra help in math is provided free to all UNC Asheville students by the Math Lab located in 323 Robinson Hall. No appointment is necessary and it is available without regard to math background or aptitude. The lab offers an informal atmosphere that is supervised by a math instructor. Find more information on the Math Lab website or call 232-5191.