Summer 2019 Course Description

We are excited to announce a summer course! This 8-week class will meet during Summer Session IV.

Registration is open in OnePort; the RAN for current MLAS students for the summer semester is 201930.

ECS 573: Sustainability Through History: Colonialism to Consumerism

Instructor: Gerard Voos
June 3--July 30, Tuesdays, 5:00-8:00 p.m.
Karpen 234

This course will analyze society’s unrelenting hunger for natural resources and our (and others') propensity to take what we deem rightfully ours. Two books will provide the anchor for the course: Collapse, by Jared Diamond, and Don’t Think of an Elephant, by George Lakoff. Diamond will lead us through the establishment of various cultures through the millennia. We will analyze his reasons why these cultures thrived or failed, and what lessons current cultures can learn from them. Lakoff is expert at explaining why half of our society can’t understand or communicate with the other half, especially when dealing with environmental issues. We will study additional texts, such as Insatiable Appetite, by Richard Tucker, and Treasures of the Earth, by Saleem Ali, as well as journal articles, and web-based publications.